Sunday, November 7, 2010


Now i can share my photo, contacts, calender events just one BUMP with my friends....
So useful for me to transfer my photo with my friends.....

Must try.....

Bump™ makes sharing with people as simple as bumping two phones together. Just pick what you want to send, then hold your phones and gently bump hands with another person using Bump™. Share photos, contacts, calendar events (iOS4 only); become friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; compare mutual friends, and more.

After you bump, keep in touch with free phone to phone messaging!

Bump with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and many other phones. All that is required is an internet connection (WiFi or cellular).

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sleep Machine

 Can't sleep well every night?

Try to bought this from apple store, u can simply play some best customizable relaxation & sound atmosphere player when u can't sleep.....

" Sleep Machine is simply the best customizable relaxation, sound atmosphere, and alarm clock application available for your iPhone or iPod Touch. "

Sleep Machine is a professional ambient sound, and white noise player to help you sleep or relax. Sleep Machine allows you to create your own unique, multi dimensional sound mixes with ease. With it's full-featured alarm clock and sleep timer, you can time your sessions to fall asleep and set your alarm to wake up to Sleep Machine's huge assortment of high quality "stereo" ambient sounds. Packed with 80 realistic sounds and soothing ambient music including customer favorites such as Drift, Starlight, thunder, rain, waves, heartbeat and many more. It's perfect for sleeping, concentration, relaxation, meditation, yoga, napping, noise masking, or just having fun mixing real sound environments together. 

- 4 APPS IN 1 -
- iOS 4 multitask and background audio
- 80 Stereo Sounds to choose from:
- - 71 Ambient Sounds
- - 9 Ambient Music Tracks 
- up to 531,440 sound combination possibilities !
- Elegantly designed easy to use interface 
- Play 1 or up to 3 sounds simultaneously to create the perfect sound atmosphere.
- Save any of your favorite combination creations with individual volume settings.

- Clock includes 7 different clock themes including different colors, digital, and even a night-light theme !
- Portrait and Landscape modes
- Dimmer time options; keeps the clock on for designated amount of time so you can use it as a night-light or bedside clock as you fall asleep.
- Seconds On/Off

- Choose from 91 Sounds to Wake up to
- Includes 11 Alarm Sounds
- Wake to any of your Favorite Mixes too!
- Snooze ON/OFF
- Huge easy Snooze/Stop button
- Fade in alarm sound options for gentle wake up experience. 30 seconds to 5 minutes !

- Sleep to your sound selection for your preferred amount of time
- Alarm Sound with individual volume control
- Fade out
- Exit App

For optimal performance in full fidelity sound, we recommend using Sleep Machine with external stereo speakers or headphones. ( due to low frequency, Airplane Cabin, Furnace, Heartbeat, and Spaceship cannot be heard on iPod Touch/iPhone speaker )

AMBIENT MUSIC: Contemplate, Drift , Moon Harp, Mysterious, Native American Flute, Reflection, Soundtrack 1, Starlight, Wind Dream, 
AMBIENT SOUNDS: Air Conditioner, Air Purifier, Airplane Cabin ( prop ), Bathroom Fan, Beach, Beach 2, Beach 3 ( lapping waves ), Beach / Rain / Thunder, Bird House, Clock, Creek, Crickets, Dehumidifier, Dishwasher, Distant Train, Distant Train ( Crickets ), Dryer, Factory, Fan ( low ), Fan ( medium ), Fan ( high ), Fan ( small ), Fan / Crickets, Fish Tank, Fireplace-Crackle, Fireplace-Hiss, Fireplace-Roar, Fireplace / Wind, Frogs, Frogs 2, Fog Horn, Furnace, Hair Dryer, Heartbeat, Highway, Highway 2 ( Wet Road ), Inside Car, Wind Shield Wipers, Lawn Mower, Morning Birds, Railroad Crossing, Rain-Heavy, Rain-Medium, Rain ( light ), Rain and Thunder, Rain and Thunder 2, Distant Thunder, River, Room Heater, Shower, Sink, Spaceship, Sprinkler, Stream, Toy Train, Train Ride, Truck Idle, Vacuum Cleaner, Washer, Waterfall ( large ), Waterfall ( small ), Waterfall ( Hawaii ), Water Heater, White Noise, White Noise 2, White Noise 3, White Noise 4, Wind, Wind 2, Wind Chime, Wine Glass

Bells 1, Bells 2, Buzzer 1, Buzzer 2, Child Laughing, Dog Bark, Guitar Strums, Harmonics, Harp, Tibetan Bell, Train Bell.


Now i can use Dropbox to sync and share my files online and across computers, even i'm at oversea, i also can sync and save my important file & picture between my iPhone my computer.....


App features:
- View photos, videos, documents, and presentations in your Dropbox on the go.
- Save photos and videos taken with your iPhone's camera to your Dropbox, including HD videos on your iPhone 4!
- Share and send files via email, or copy and paste links to share with another app.
- Export Dropbox files to other iPhone and iPad apps.
- "Favorite" files to download them for fast, offline viewing.
- Swipe your way through photo galleries

This app requires a Dropbox account. If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, the app will allow you to create one for free.
For more information on Dropbox and its services, visit where you can also get online access to your file, download clients for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, or upgrade your storage to up to 100 GB.

What's New in Version 1.3
- UI re-design with numerous visual enhancements including retina display support
- File caching (no need to re-download files you've already viewed!)
- Fullscreen landscape file viewing on iPad

Saturday, October 16, 2010

NFS Shift

This is a great games that i get from EA stores, the 3D graphic & sound effect is so real and u can choose over 20 most advance cars with18 unique tracks for races......u also can customize, upgrade your cars to maximum performance....

Don't wait....races now!!!!

Description :
• Drive 20 awesome cars, including the BMW M3 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo & Pagani Zonda 
• Access both live Bluetooth and local WiFi Multiplayer across 6 modes 
• Race on 18 unique tracks in stunning international locations (Chicago, London & Tokyo)
• Jump into Quick Race or dominate the circuit in Career Mode
• Select 3 Difficulty Settings (Rookie, Pro or Veteran)
• Immerse yourself in physics-based accelerated 3D graphics with OpenGL ES 2.0 integrations 

The sweeping skylines of the urban landscapes… day and night driving… the roar of engines, the squeal of tires, the crunch of collisions. And above all…speed, speed, and more speed. Nothing was overlooked to deliver the most realistic racing experience possible.

Thrust yourself into the driver’s seat of a high-end performance car, and see the race as it really is. Get the hyper-real POV of the in-car cockpit, as well as the brutal perspective of the first-person crash dynamic. Keep your grip as you push yourself to the edge.

Shift into either local WiFi or live Bluetooth Multiplayer across half a dozen modes. Match your racing skills against your personal rivals, and show them who really owns the road. 

Grab the wheels of the fastest, hottest, and most powerful cars in the world. Select from an array of cars that feed your needs. The Audi R8 4.2 FSI Quattro…..Porsche Cayman S….or Subaru Impreza WRX STI… it’s a car lover’s fantasy at your fingertips.

Personalize your car’s performance and styling features. Fine tune performance with Top Speed, Acceleration, Tires, Suspension and Nitrous upgrades. Also add custom details like spoilers, rims, specialized paint jobs, and body kits.

In the ultimate expression of the true driver’s experience, DRIVER PROFILE tracks your evolution as a racer from event to event. You develop a persona based on your skills, style, success rate, profile points, and badges you accrue. Aggressive or precise? What kind of driver are you? The game will tell you. 



Monday, October 11, 2010


 This is such a great app I love it every time I look at the map and see police close by they're right. This app is very great. It shows when cops are coming, speed traps, check point or u can report to the trapster if u meet a check point or etc....

Must try.....

Description :

Trapster(R) is a FREE app that alerts you as you approach speed traps, red light and speed cameras, police check points, accidents, and other roadway hazards. Join World's largest driver's social network today! Drivers helping drivers, more than 8 million users strong!
* Cnet #1 automotive iPhone app
* WIRED Magazine #1 of apps that make the most of location
* "Trapster maps out where speed traps are in real time, a boon to my occasionally spirited driving." -Roy Furchgott, The New York Times
- Caravan(TM), see and communicate with other users in real time.
- Patrol(TM), a blue line shows Trapster users have recently driven down a road. Raising the confidence factor on the road.
- Alerts can be in English, French, German, Spanish and lots of fun sound themes.
- World's most complete and up to date speed trap and camera database with over 2 MILLION traps reported.
- Virtual Radar (R) dynamic alert area narrows and elongates based on your speed and direction of travel.
- Rate traps submitted by other users. The system learns the credibility of users over time based on how many other users agree with the traps they report.
- Push notifications can alert you even when the app isn't running.
- My Trips feature broadens scope of app beyond speed traps, making it a fun travel tool.
- Also, local search, Google Live Traffic, turn-by-turn directions, full iPod control, Facebook & Twitter integration and privacy controls.

Visit Trapster:
Become a Fan:
Follow us:

Note: Continued use of GPS in the background will significantly reduce battery life. The Trapster app is a free service. We do not distribute, share, sell or rent your private information such as your e-mail address or mobile number. See the privacy policy for more information.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

AppBox Pro

This is an very useful iPhone apps that i download for apple store, the function is so much useful for my daily use.... such as Currency, Date Calculator, Holidays, Unit, Translator, System Info, Price Grab & etc...

I'm highly recommended... cool apps!!!

Description :

Check out this multi-feature program before wasting money on other utility applications. We have over 6 million users to date because customers simply find this package of useful tools incredibly valuable.

Alarm Clock with Music Play
- 10 Gorgeous themes, LCD Style(Blue, Green, Pink, Violet, Yellow), Flip Style(Black, Green, white, Blue, Pink)
- Vertical and horizontal modes
- 12 or 24 hour format
- Show/Hide seconds
- Select your songs or playlist as your alarm with shuffle option
- 24 Built-in Alarm Sounds
- Multiple Alarms supported
- Customizable repeat, snooze option
- Sound/Music Volume control
- Vibration On/Off
- Alarm works even screen is locked or iPhone/iPod touch is in silent mode
- Swipe to adjust brightness


  Wallet with security key(Requires In-App Purchase)
- Securely store your bank information, credit card and membership numbers, web accounts and more
- Fully customizable 15 Built-in categories(You can add, edit, remove categories and/or fields)
- Hardware-accelerated AES encryption
- Officially Accredited Secure online server provided for one touch Backup/Restore
- New features coming soon: Desktop import/export, Photos, Notes will added


  AppBox Pro™ offers numerous handy applications all in one place:
- Alarm Clock (New!!!)
- Secure Wallet (New!!!)
  (Requires Security Key In-App Purchase)
- Battery Life
- Currency Converter (195 currencies)
- Dashboard
- Date Calculator
- Days Until (a.k.a. Countdown)
- Flashlight
- Holidays (95 countries)
- Level (Surface/Bubble Level)
- Loan Calculator
- Periodic Calculator
- Price Grab
- Random Number Generator
- Ruler
- Sale Price Calculator
- System Info
- Tip Calculator
- Translator (61 languages)
- Unit Converter (17 categories and 357 units)
- Web Games
- Gmail, Google Books, Google Docs, Google News, Google Reader
- Google Talk, Google Buzz, Google Calendar
- iGoogle, Yahoo!, and Web Apps Links

- 5 gorgeous icon sets, 12 Backgrounds, 11 Button styles
- Number input with built-in calculator in the Currency, Tip Calc, Loan Calc and Unit converter
- All applications are configurable, adjustable and allow you to Show/Hide and Rename features.
- Password protection for Periodic Calendar
- Jump to Web Apps without having to open Safari