Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glow Bg

Now I can make my screen look outstanding with amazing glow backgrounds with the Amazing Glow Patterns, Allow Glow Brightness to be Adjusted, Improve Save/Preview Screen & etc.......

This is some sample that i did for my iPhone.....looks cool

Glow Backgrounds – Customize your Home Screen Wallpaper! 1.2 iPhone and iPod touch
Description :
★ CUSTOMIZE your own Home Screen Glow Backgrounds and IMPRESS your FRIENDS ★
*PLEASE NOTE: Backgrounds can only be set on the Home Screen on particular iPhone and iPod Touch models. Please READ the REQUIREMENTS below.
Add Colorful and Bright Glow Effects that are wonderfully designed for your Home Screen.
★ Now you can IMPORT and Customize YOUR OWN PHOTOS! ★
The possibilities are endless!
With the new Import feature you can now add Multiple Glow Effects to your Backgrounds!
Simply import your Creations and add another Glow Effect on top!
★ More Base Backgrounds
★ More Glow Patterns
★ Improved Image Quality
★ Brighter Glow Effects
Customize your own Glow Backgrounds in just 4 Easy Steps!
1. Choose a Base Background from our High Quality Collection.
2. Choose an Amazing Glow Pattern.
3. Choose a Stunning Glow Color.
4. Save your Customized Glow Background.
There are over 6800 possible Glow Background combinations!
Backgrounds can only be saved on your Home Screen if you have:
- One of the following devices:
* iPhone 4
* iPhone 3GS
* iPod Touch 32GB or 64GB Models (3rd Generation)
- AND Updated to iOS 4 or higher (Update your device’s software through iTunes)
Glow Backgrounds can still be set to the Lock Screen on other devices.
Add Amazing, Colorful and Bright Glow Backgrounds Today!
What’s New In Version 1.2
- Added Cool Base Backgrounds
- Added Amazing Glow Patterns
- Allow Glow Brightness to be Adjusted
- Improve Save/Preview Screen
- Fixed imported photo aspect ratio
- Improve saved image quality

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